• University Dance Company
  • Specialization in Spanish dance and Flamenco


On Campus


3 years



Tuition Fees per year

60 €/ECTS

3,600 € EU

3,801 € Non-EU

ECTS Credits

180 ECTS




Study abroad Bachelor in Physiotherapy - UCAM

Conchi Sánchez, student in Bachelor’s Degree in Dance.

“The relation with the professors has been fantastic, as we are in close contact, it has been a very good relation and they are very well educated in their subjects.”



Bachelor’s Degree in Dance from UCAM has been creates, so that you can gain the necessary knowledge for working world placement in the professional sector of dance. This is achieved by quality professors, and a curriculum that is both innovative and actualized.

Student Mobility


A student in Bachelor’s Degree in Dance at UCAM has the possibility to do professional internship to gain practical focus and to facilitate the placement in the working world. Furthermore, UCAM has its own Dance School Flexión-UCAM, located in the centre of Murcia, as well as a University Dance Company, where you can widen your formation and gain more experience.