Student’s Profile

Defining the profile of typical student in this degree is a difficult task because of the versatility of the studies. It is certaine, that many different types of students will find their position once trained accordingly in the course. However, the student profile can be summarized in the following:

  • Knowledge of mathematics(secondary education level).
  • Knowledge of physics (secondary education level).
  • Knowledge of graphic language (drawing), and a willigness to improve.
  • Capability to understand spatial relations.
  • Willingness to gain knowledge on analytical and descriptive geometry.
  • Innovative vocation in solving problems.
  • Tendency to leadership.
  • Capability to work in a team.
  • Dedication to technical training.



“Previously, I had studied at a public university and I don’t think that the quality of teaching is better at the public than the private. At UCAM you can find:
Excellent facilities around the cloister of the Monastery Los Jerónimos: study rooms, library, mediatec; a fully equipped laboratory, drawing and computer rooms and spacious open areas for your free time.
A team of highly professional, qualified and committed professors, an individualized attention to students’ needs, a low ratio of students per class and professor. Thus, the professor can know better his/her students and help them better with their training.
In short, I am very happy at this University, supported by a great human team and the adequate facilities for a University in the 21st century.”
Carlos Heredia Martín
Student in 3rd year of Construction Engineering