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On Campus


4 years



Tuition Fees per year

70.83 €/ECTS

4,250 € EU

5,250 € Non-EU

ECTS Credits

240 ECTS




Study abroad Bachelor in Physiotherapy - UCAM


José Godoy, graduate from Civil Engineering


"For me the most important factor is the versatility of the studies. You study Structures, Hydraulic, Foundations, Environment, Water treatment…and any of these topics can lead to a possible profession. It is very multidisciplinary, and that is essential".


UCAM University, by offering Civil Engineering, gives you the possibility to study with professors that are 100% involved in your education and professional development. We offer you the best imaginable facilities, where you can develop theoretical knowledge and advance as professional.

During your training, you will benefit from the opportunity to work in real projects, where you will learn skills that help you to face the real labor market at the end of your studies.

In UCAM's Bachelor's in Civil Engineering you will learn about different areas that involve the investigation of the properties of various construction materials, soil behaviour and foundation design, behaviour of structural members under different loads, water quality and waste treatment.

Student Mobility

If you study Civil Engineering at UCAM, you will have the possibility to do practices, both in the Campus starting from the first course, or do external internships in professional corporations. UCAM offers more than 2.000 agreements with leader corporations; therefore, you will have direct contact with the sector, which will help you to be prepared to achieve your objectives.