Student´s Profile

The Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration is aimed at students seeking a personal and integral training, interested in the economic, organizational and social aspects of companies at international level, since companies create changes and social progress.

Students interested in studying Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Management should have a special interest in:

  • Expanding their general knowledge and their social and economic environment.
  • Improving their oral and written skills in different languages, at least Spanish and English.
  • Serving the community with a high ethical sense in their professional practice.
  • Knowing business principles and concepts.
  • Sociable and capacity for personal relationships and teamwork.
  • Proactive and independent.
  • Open mind to mobility and acquisition of new experiences.
  • Analytical capacity to resolve social and economic problems.

A B2 English level is required to be admitted in this Degree.


“My university period at UCAM is being quite rewarding. It is a small university and for this reason I have closely known a lot of classmates since I started to study here two years ago. I think there are great advantages for your training if you choose this University.

I am very happy with the campus atmosphere and about the good relationships with my classmates (I can call them friends) and professors, who are very close to you when you need them. Besides, in our faculty they are always available to us.

As everyone says, this is the best period for students and for the time being I totally agree. I hope that my experience continue to be so satisfying the next years. I will always be grateful to this University for the opportunities it has offered me.”

María Mendoza García
Student of the 2nd year in Business Administration and Management