• Social Architecture - practice class
  • Internships with the leading companies


On Campus


5 years



Tuition Fees per year

73.33 €/ECTS

4,400 € EU

5,400 € Non-EU

ECTS Credits

300 ECTS




Study abroad Bachelor in Physiotherapy - UCAM

Enrique Parra, student from Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture.

“What most influenced me were the professors and their passion for architecture. The treatment and personalized attention to every student is the best; at UCAM, the student is not just a name, but a person with a name.”



This institution, where the course will take place, is continuously involved in innovation. This includes innovation in education, that as a result achieves, that our students are the most competent ones in the industry. UCAM has a classroom for ‘Social Architecture’ located at the Campus, where students can develop projects and practice putting all of their knowledge to use. Furthermore, we have the support of renowned professors that support the students during the four year degree, where they get involved in the education of the students and help making you a complete professional ready for the real world.

Student Mobility

This University that imparts this Bachelor’s in Architecture, offers more than 2.000 agreements in councils and large businesses, so that you have contact with a real environment. We put to your use a complete education that helps you convert into a capable professional so that you will be able to achieve your goals.