Windy Puspito

“My name is Windy. I am currently one of the students of UCAM’s English taught MBA here in Murcia, Spain. In the following, I would like to share the story of how UCAM has allowed me to experience the difference in atmosphere while studying a business degree. Indonesia is my home country, where I was born and raised, living in a very different culture with a value framework different to that of Western countries. After three years working as a banker in one of Indonesia’s largest banks, I finally decided to go back to university and resigned from my job. At first, I had no idea about what kind of academic institution I wanted to attend, so I started looking up information about scholarship possibilities for studying abroad or finding a job in another country.

All I knew was that I simply wanted to feel the experience of going abroad, a desire many others share with me in today’s open and connected world. My initial wish was further shaped by a friend’s recommendation to improve my language skills in a foreign tongue apart from English. After English and Mandarin, Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world. Driven by a personal interest and desire to learn this language, I began collecting information on Spanish courses taught in Indonesia’s capital Jakarta.

My online search referred me to UCAM’s Spanish School located in our capital city. After enrolling, I spent close to three months learning this unique foreign language, before deciding to try out for a scholarship offered by UCAM’s campus in Murcia, Spain. I filled in the required documents and was hereafter invited to an interview. The underlying process was quick and well structured and I was able to share my personal profile. After about one month had passed I received the official confirmation of acceptance and was able to turn in all required application documents to obtain the student visa necessary to follow a (postgraduate) degree in Europe. On January 25th, 2014, my journey to a new chapter of my life started. For the first time in my life, I travelled to Spain – what an amazing feeling. This was also the first time for me to leave my home country. Hey Spain, here I come! The first time I set foot on the university campus, it felt so great! I have met a lot of nice people, UCAM staff, admission officers and professors ever since then. Everyone is just so welcoming and friendly, smiling, being helpful and very polite. UCAM's campus is a very clean, neat and peaceful site. On the second day after my arrival I toured my new surroundings to get a better understanding of the campus’ buildings as well as the connection to public transportation and idle-time pleasures such as a shopping center located close to the university. UCAM has a lot of interesting and really cozy spots across its campus’ premises.

The Spanish are genuinely friendly and an awesome people. With regards to UCAM, it does not really feel like entering a university, more like coming home. My first MBA class started January 27th with an introductive course from 16h00 to 20h30. I spent a very good time getting to know my fellow classmates from Spain, Canada, Germany, Italy, Pakistan, Russia, India and Jordan. Our classes are very exciting and impressive, hearing and observing other persons speaking English with their own distinctive facial expressions, differences in body language and accents.

Since I was born in a tropical country, I might still need a bit of time to adjust to the weather here in Murcia, which in winter can actually have some cold nights. However, even in January and February, it is very sunny throughout the day. Spain just offers a great sensation of Mediterranean climate! 

UCAM contributes its best not only with regards to academics, but it also succeeds in creating an atmosphere in which one can feel at home and as part of a big family.

Windy Puspito, Indonesia
Student of MBA