"Studying this MBA has been a challenging yet extremely rewarding experience. The international dynamics of the class create a global environment where students are encouraged to work effectively and cooperate with peers from different backgrounds and cultures. I have gained invaluable insights into business strategies, marketing, human resources, accounting and finance among other themes surrounding the workings of a business".

- Claudia Lukomski, United Kingdom

Master in Business Administration student

"I chose UCAM for my Master’s degree because I have always wanted to study tourism in Spain but my concern was the language, so when I found a Master’s course at UCAM taught in English in Innovation & Tourism Marketing I felt it was perfect for me. We are continuously receiving the latest, up-to-date knowledge about trends in the tourism sector, and the enthusiasm and expertise of UCAM’s professors further confirms that I made the right choice of university".

-Thanh Nguyen, Vietnam

Master’s in Innovation & Tourism Marketing student

"So far I have really enjoy my stay in Murcia. I think the people here very welcoming to international students and I enjoy the atmosphere of the city. I am excited for the weather to get warmer to hit the beach and enjoy the relaxed lifestyle here in Spain. Regarding my Master’s in High Performance Sport, I have great expectations for the year. I think the professors are top class and I look forward to gaining all the knowledge I can."

- Anton Matinlauri, Finland

Master’s in High Performance Sport student


"I chose MBA Sports Management because I want to follow my passion which is in sports and combine it with my knowledge of economics from my previous studies. I hope this Master’s by LaLiga - UCAM University will offer me a great experience and knowledge as well as providing me a path to a bright future in the sporting industry".

-Akira Afif, Indonesia

MBA Sports Management student