Murcia to UCAM

From the city to UCAM 

There are several ways in which you can go to the UCAM:

When you’re travelling from the city centre or the bus station or the train station to the UCAM Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia, you only have to keep in mind that you need to get on the bus 44. This bus route has many stops in the city of Murcia. The trip will probably take between 30 and 45 minutes.

The bus stop at Campus is located into a roundabout next to the monastery. The name of the UCAM bus stop is Universidad Católica.

For more information about all the bus 44 stops check out their website Latbus.


There is also a bus route called UCAM Directo, which is a faster bus line from UCAM to city centre but with less buses throughout the day. You can find the timetable here.


Also, you can use the Tranvía, a sort of tram, which runs from many points in Murcia with a final stop at the UCAM. Here’s the timetable for the tramway. 

Just to remember:

  • The tram doesn’t run on Friday to UCAM. 
  • It is necesary to swich tram at Los Rectores to UCAM - Los Jerónimos. (must wait between 5 to 15 mins).
  • Being caught without ticket is being punished by a fine of 50€. 
  • Read our FAQ in order to know more about ''How is the public transport system organized''. 

Monday – Thursday                                      (Murcia a UCAM)


Monday – Thursday                                      (UCAM a Murcia)


For more information regarding the tranvia, it’s services and it’s prices, visit: Tranvía de Murcia