Madrid to Murcia

If you want to get to Murcia from Madrid, or land at the airport of Madrid, your options of transport are:

1. Taxi

Since this is a drive of more than 3 and a half hours, this might be a very expensive option.

2. Train

Assuming you came to Madrid with a plane, you probably will be at the airport Madrid – Barajas. From here it’s relatively easy to go to Murcia by train.

  • First, you’ll need to get a train/metro from the Airport to the train station.
  • There is an all new metro line that brings passengers from the airport to the train stations. 
  • Some things you need to remember: you need to go from terminal four T4 (if you’re a long way from this terminal by the time that you land and have your luggage, there is a FREE SHUTTLE BUS on the airport), using the new metro line C1, to the Chamartin train station: Madrid-Chamartin.
  • This metro/train leaves every 30 minutes every day, from 5:59 AM to 00:15 AM (in the direction from the airport to the train stations). From the airport to the Chamartin train station takes about 11 minutes and costs €2,40.

Second, when you’re at the train station, you need to get the train to Murcia. The journey takes about 4 and a half hours and costs between €28,20 and €61,00, depending on if you are traveling in the morning, the date, etc. Just remember to bring around 30-40 euro’s for the train (which is a normal price during the week). The train company is Renfe

Your destination is called Murcia del Carmen and this is the address:

Plaza de la Industria, s/n
30002 MURCIA

3. Bus

The bus trip is a lot easier, but also longer. It’s a lot easier, since the bus leaves directly from the airport, Terminal T4. The bus company is called ALSA.

Again, remember that there is a free shuttle service on the airport. So don’t spend hours walking to this terminal, if you can just use this free service.

There are 5 buses that go from the airport to Murcia every day of the week.

Your destination in Murcia is the main bus station:

Estación de Autobuses
Barrio de San Andrés