Cost of Living

By attending UCAM’s courses on-campus, students have the opportunity to live in Spain, specifically in Murcia, where international students are particularly welcomed. 

Murcia is a synonym for warmth, hospitality, liveliness, and a safe environment. The soul of Spanish culture is felt around Murcia’s city center with its beautiful squares, historic buildings, museums and university campus. As the capital city of the region, Murcia’s network of services is supported by modern infrastructures makes life easier, safer and more comfortable: for residents and visitors alike - including hospitals, business areas, big shopping malls, sports facilities, etc.

Despite the high quality of life offered by the Region of Murcia, the cost of living is not too high. Here is a rough estimation of some basic elements related to accommodation, meals, entertainment, among others so you can prepare your expenditures before you arrive in Murcia.