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UCAM has created a housing database, available to all international students, as well as members of the educational community, to facilitate their search for housing. International Admissions Staff will assist you to find the right accommodation to suit your needs.

You can see all active housing offers and requests and it will present the best options according to your criteria. All this information is available free in our Students Information Service (SIE) through or you can find a list here.  The list is also available on the notice board located on the ground floor of the Jerónimos Monastery.

Trivago is a page to find hotels for one night or several nights in different cities.

To pass the first night in Murcia, the hostel’s Cathedral is a good choice because it is in the center and close to the bus station and tram.

You can also do a web search for rental apartments by typing ‘Alquiler pisos en Murcia’ or something similar. You will find a number of websites listed with a lot of information

To give specialized assistance please fill out the form and our department will contact you shortly.