Energy Efficiency Demostrator

The Energy Efficiency Demonstration area (EED) consists of four main parts: the energy generators and meteorological sensors, the storeroom and energy storage facilities, the R & D laboratory and UCAM Racing Team workshop.

The EED is designed to be self-sufficient and provide electricity for the rest of the university. Power is derived from a hybrid “off-grid” design that combines solar panels and a mini wind generator.

Furthermore, the air conditioning infrastructure runs thanks to geothermal energy. The vertical geothermal probe has a depth of 100 meters and is the first of its kind to be installed in the Region of Murcia. 

External charging points for phones and laptops, as well as bicycles and electric vehicles, are available for use by students. The excess energy produced is used to supply power to other neighboring buildings. All information on the generation and consumption of energy is monitored by two independent systems and can be accessed remotely.

All on-site lighting is low consumption, based on LED technology. At the same time, the incorporation of automation technology favors energy savings in the installations.