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The International Educational Projects unit (International EduProjects) depends on the Vice-Rectorate of International Relations, Communications and ICT. Our department is responsible for international educational projects that are not included in the exchange programs managed by the ORI or in those international research programs managed by the OPRI

Its purpose is to allow the exchange and dialogue between young Europeans who share a commitment to social and policy makers.

Youth participants are invited to reflect and identify all of the recommendations and points to watch on social issues, then present and defend them in on open dialogue and re-examine the following exchanges with elected officials. In the end, they will retain and compile a set of proposals from the meeting, which will be published by each delegation and posted on the websites of partners as well as spread through social networks.

Opening discussions between young Europeans allow them to discover their differences and similarities, share their experiences and allow them to compare their views with those of policy makers which is the main objective of this meeting.

The democratic aspect will be experienced especially through the vote of the recommendations worked during the seminar, through political debate and exchange with local elected officials in a parliamentary session scenario in the Council General of the Upper Rhine. Reflections and recommendations of youth selected at the end of the stay will be presented and discussed at a public meeting with elected officials and citizens.

Name of the Project “For an aware, active and creative youth”
Leader of the Project The City of Mulhouse, France
Countries Participants Name of Organisation Country of Organisation Type of Organisation
Ville de Mulhouse France Local Public body
Conseil Général du Haut-Rhin France Other
Comune di Teramo Italy Local Public body
Biedriba "Solis Tuvak" Latvia Non-governmental organisation/association/social enterprise

Comitato d´Intesa tra le associazioni voluntaristiche della, Provincia di Belluno

Italy Other
Strängnäs kommun Sweeden Local Public body
Stad Kassel, Jugendamt, Kommunales Jugendbildungswerk Germany Other
Diputaació de Barcelona Spain Other
Powiat Wroclawski Poland Local Public body
Dimos KIFISSIA Greece Other
Call Erasmus+ Support for policy reform: Dialogue between young people and policy makers
Budget of the Project € 27.764,00
Objetive Youth participants are invited to reflect and identify all recomendations and important social issues of importance, then present and defend them before policymakers.



The "Listening to You (th)" project involves other organizations from 6 European countries in an action of “Meetings of young people and those responsible for youth policy” designed to promote implementation of the EU framework on youth policies between different countries.

Each partner organization initiated in close collaboration with the leading organization of the project a group of study to analyze the focus points of the European framework on youth policies. The analysis will lead to the development of a questionnaire that targets youth, frame target population within the target region of each partner. The questionnaire investigated the lifestyles, aspirations and needs of local youth in the key areas identified by the European framework: education and training, employment and entrepreneurship, health and welfare, participation, volunteering, social inclusion, international mobility, creativity and culture.

The target of this form will be younger people, 18-30 years old and residents in the region of each partner. Each partner is expected to provide a sample of at least 100 questionnaires.

The results of the survey and analysis of regional initiatives will be shared during the seminar "Listening to You (th)", which was held in Italy in April 2014. The comparison of the results will highlight the similarities and differences in the contexts analyzed: the capacity and the regional authorities to meet the needs of local youth and EU guidelines on youth policy. The evidence gathered in the workshop will be summarized in the final report "Listening to You (th)." The latter is disseminated through the communication channels of the partners and will be the basis for a promotion campaign to run in each territory the promotion will target socio-oriented guide to the competent authorities in the field of youth policy through the creation of a strategy for the implementation of the European framework, taking into account the expectations and needs of the target population: Young residents of each region.

Name of the Project Listening to You(th)
Leader of the Project Cooperativa Formatalenti, Italia
Countries Participants

“NGO “My World”, Bulgaria

 Hellenic Regional Development Center, Greece

Centrul European pentru Integrare Socioprofesionala ACTA, Romania

Turkey Youth Federation, Turkey 

Asociația Vox Civica, Romania


Youth in Action: Support for European cooperation in the field of youth 

Budget of the Project

€ 50.400,00


Create more opportunities in education and the labor market; promoting active citizenship, social inclusion and solidarity.


Regarding the alarming low turnout rate in European elections in some countries where voting is not compulsory and the democratic deficit it causes across Europe, the present project aims at restoring electoral faith among EU citizens by addressing the four main causes for low electoral participation found in collaboration with our partner towns: the lack of interest and of knowledge of the democratic workings of the EU, the mistrust towards European institutions and the lack of sense of belonging to Europe.

The project will be coordinated by the Municipality of Geraci Siculo. 10 partner countries will be involved, especially including those showing a low turnout rate for a more effective outreach, i.e. Slovenia (20%), Poland (22%), Hungary (29%), Portugal (34,5%) and Bulgaria (35,5%). The project will consist in 4 events respectively taking place in Italy, Hungary, Germany and Poland. They will involve over 400 citizens, experts, students, local stakeholders and decision makers. The main target group is represented by young citizens (under 25 y.o) as the low turnout level appears to be a permanent generational effect. The second target group is represented by people under 65 y.o. During the events, the participants will be encouraged to share experiences, best practices and opinions through activities of different methodology (workshop, seminar, role play, documentary and interactive technology) during which they will experience the importance of active participation and cooperation within the EU and, ultimately, be encouraged to actively take part in its democratic life. The main goals are:

  • To give to citizens the opportunity to interact in the construction of an even closer and democratic Europe, thus fostering the active EU citizenship;
  • To develop long-lasting cooperation between towns and citizens by creating a plate-form aiming at improving for civic and democratic participation at Union level.
Name of the Project

Inter-cultural Dimension for European Active Citizenship-IDEA-C

Leader of the Project Comune di Geraci Siculo (Region of Palermo)
Countries Participants
  • Zwiazek Stowarzyszen MULTIKULTURA, Poland
  • Mediter - Réseau Euro-Méditerranéen pour la Coopération a.i.s., Belgium
  • E-Juniors, France
  • M2C Institut fur angewandte Medienforschung GmbH, Germany
  • Kistarcsa Város Önkormányzata, Hungary
  • El Instituto de Innovación y Desarrollo Principe Real, Portugal
  • Conocer y Asociación, Bulgaria
  • SA Noored Teaduses ja Ettevõtluses, Estonia
Call Europe for Citizens: Democratic engagement and civic participation - Measure Networks of Towns within the Europe for Citizens Programme
Budget of the Project € 122.500

Para fomentar la ciudadanía europea y mejorar las condiciones para la participación cívica y democrática en la UE.

Para fomentar la participación democrática de los ciudadanos en la UE

Para apoyar la participación concreta en el proceso de formulación de políticas de la UE


The project is designed to help young educators who wish to develop their knowledge on the principles of intercultural education and teaching in multicultural environments. Participants will learn alternative teaching methods that relate to modern pedagogy, will experience self-assessment techniques and will reveal the connection of stereotypes and prejudices to socially vulnerable groups.

The project objectives are:

  • To develop a set of skills and knowledge that helps participants become more effective in their work, giving them a significant advantage in the job market
  • To demonstrate how the educational system should avoid the imposition of a one-dimensional cultural model and minimize xenophobia and racism
  • Specifically for young and / or prospective teachers, this project is designed to help understand the importance of their role in the situation experienced by education
  • To give to those who are called to teach in multicultural environments, a tool for better management of the student population and classroom
  • To help teachers acquire new characteristics such as autonomy and self-improvement as well as critical analysis and self-assessment of their own teaching practices
  • Promoting intercultural education model and principles as the most efficient, especially in rooms that can accommodate students from different cultural backgrounds
  • Through knowledge of the countries, it aims to promote intercultural dialogue and the development of values such as acceptance of diversity and tolerance
  • The emergence of European citizenship as an essential factor in strengthening cooperation both among members of the European countries and partner countries
  • The ultimate goal of the project is the creation of a common international practice teaching.
Name of Project InterPRISE (Intercultural Primary School)
Leader of the Project Interactive Media Knowledge Transfer (InterMedi@KT)
Countries Participants
  • Vytautas Magnus, Lithuania
  • Leeds Metropolitan University, UK
  • Universidad de  Wuppertal, Germany
  • Collegium Balticum, Poland
  • Stefal cel Mare University of Suceava, Romania
  • Mediana Business School, Netherlands
  • El Start estrellada de Talentos Fundación, Bulgaria
  • IFALL, Sweden
  • Asociación de Promoción Social Futuro Digital, Italy
  • TUPYÖM, Turkey
  • Forum of Youth, Serbia
  • Asociación Georgiana de Iniciativas Educativas, Georgia
  • Seda Institute, Albania
Call Erasmus +: Mobility among young workers
Budget of the Project /
Objetive This project aims to highlight the multidimensional needs of all students and education agencies involved in multicultural environments, and to explore the teaching methods used by teachers and how they serve intercultural communication.