Why did we create these courses?

The Catholic University San Antonio of Murcia strives to offer high-quality education, which allows students to enter the labour market under the best conditions possible and guarantees their readiness to take on the tasks expected in their field of expertize.

In this day and age, this quality education is measured against a European context of integration and economical globalization. In this new market it is of the upmost importance that our students acquire linguistic skills – especially in the dynamic field of English –familiarize themselves with other cultures and explore in depth the field of study they have chosen, from other perspectives.

Trying to meet the demands of an international Spanish labour market and to act according to the framework set out by the Universities Law Act and the Bologna Declaration, the Catholic University offers its students and other interested parties the possibility to perfect their level of English in collaborating British universities, through the participation in the intensive summer courses outlined in this brochure.

The Catholic University understands that this additional training contributes to improving the competitiveness of our students in the labour market, while taking maximum care with the quality of all our services, such as accommodation, academic quality and integral training of those studying at our institution.