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of life!

UCAM lives inside and outside of the classrooms. At the UCAM you will find a lot of students projects to be involved, culture activities, social clubs etc. What are you waiting for?

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We offer to you national and international volunteering programs where you can show yourself and make a big contribution to others. As Hermana Tesera de Calcuta said: “If you do not live for others, life is meaningless”.

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of Sports

Thousands of athletes, dozens of sport units and Olympic champions, top level professional teams, advanced training programs and sport research, international partners. UCAM is the University of Sports.

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UCAM sports family has first class ambassadors in each kind of sport. Most of them participated in Olympic games and won Olympic medals or world championship prizes. Our champions share the university’s spirit in improvement, sacrifice and effort. Why don’t you still join us #UCAMNation?

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to NBA

Raulzinho Neto after his spectacular step at the UCAM CB, he became our first player who made the direct jump to the best league in the world. It is a good example of the quality of the university of sports.

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UCAM Murcia CF

We like sport. We have professional team and a complete quarry both in Murcia and Cartagena. There is also a football UCAM school in Indonesia.

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