Prepare the following documents and send them via email to admissions@ucam.edu or UCAM’s local marketing offices in your countries.

  • Scanned biopage of your valid passport.
  • High School academic transcript and Diploma and national exam result slip
  • Language proficiency certificate such as IELTS/TOEFL/ DELE
  • Statement of Purpose to access the program
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Application fees (120€ non-refundable)

Application fees must be paid by flywire otherwise those countries without access of that service will have to do international bank telegraphic transfer.


After an initial evaluation of your documents, you will have an interview.

The personal interview will be done between you and a member from international teams via skype video conference.

Therefore,please answer in a natural way, be honest and try to transmit your ideas and goals, so that the interviewer can evaluate your eligibility to the program of your choice accordingly.


To reserve your place at UCAM you should register with your email in the following form and select the studies you wish to attend.

  • Create user name
  • Fill in personal information and preferred choice of course.
  • Upload your access documents
  • Pay inscription fee ( Bachelor 330€ ) which it is non-refundable
  • Pay reservation fees

The admissions team will evaluate and verify the information and get in touch with you shortly.

Once you have uploaded all the documents, you can download the pre-registration payment receipt.


You will be offered a conditional place and you should pay the reservation fees that will be deductible from the total tuition later on.


To be able to access a UCAM university, you need to present correct access documentation. The procedure depends on your country.

For EU Countries and those with an international agreement (IB, China, Island, Norway, Lichtenstein…) the procedure is by UNED Credentials and for those from non-EU countries it is by the Spanish Ministry Of Education Homologation for which your transcripts and diploma have to be translated into Spanish, then get it legalised by Hague Apostle or in Ministry of Education, then Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Embassy Spain in your home countries.


Upon arrival at UCAM, you must present the original documentation to gain final access to the program and formalize your admission.

As soon as you pay the remaining balance of the tuition, you will see that the amount you had paid for the reservation of your place will be discounted from the total and you will receive access to the Virtual Campus.