Refund Policy

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These guidelines provide further explanation on the following provisions of the policy.

Provision 1  

If you do not meet the conditions of your course offer or are unsuccessful in obtaining a visa, a full* refund will be made of tuition paid. 

Where you do not meet the entry requirements a refund will only be paid if you have made genuine efforts to meet these conditions.  For example if you do not finish your undergraduate course for some reason and cannot enroll or if you could not apply for a visa due to official intransigence.  Please note that the University may require documents substantiating genuine effort.

*pre-inscription fees and the international application fees are not refundable. 

Provision 2 

If you decide not to continue with your pre-inscription process, the international application fees of 120€ and pre-inscription payments are not refundable in any case.

If you withdraw from your course, more than 28 days before your course starts, all tuition fees paid are refundable less an administrative amount of 20% of reservation fee.

If you cancel your place less than 28 days before your course starts or withdraw before the start date, you will be refunded except the reservation fee.

There will be no refunds if you withdraw from the course after the start date. If there is a financial change (for example, you are awarded a scholarship or bursary), a tuition credit will be applied towards the next available academic year or refunded in the case of Masters.

Please note; if you cancelled your place on a UCAM course less than 28 days before the start of the course in order to accept another course offered* by the UCAM in the same study period, and there is no break between the original course and the new course, you may be considered as a “continuing” student for the purpose of the assessment of refund for the new course*.

*Assuming your place on the new program is confirmed by the faculty. 


There are two options:

Full refund of fees*

  • The course does not have the minimum enrollments to activate it.
  • The course is cancelled after the start date due to university internal circumstances.

Any such refund will be paid within 60 days from the completed refund form provided to Admission team.  Refund is 100% of all payments.

Alternative Course

  • You may be offered an alternative course at the University at no extra cost to you. We will ask you to sign a document to confirm your acceptance of the placement in another course.