Hague Apostille

The general rule for foreigners to enroll in a Master’s program in Spain is to have a Bachelor Degree or a High Education Diploma that allows you to enter a Master’s in your country. This means that, the requirements needed for you to enroll a Master’s Program in your country are the same to enroll UCAM. We just need the official homologation (accreditation) of the title.

EU countries, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and China have agreements that make this homologation process automatic. Students whose origin is one of these countries do not have to do it.

Students from countries other than these may homologate their previous title in different ways, depending on the kind of agreements your country has.

People from countries that signed the Hague Apostille have to homologate their documents with the competent authorities who can put the Hague Apostille Convention Stamp. Click here to see the list of countries who have signed the Apostille.

For people coming from a country that signed the Convenio Andrés Bello, the homologation process needs to be done through the Diplomatic Way. This means that the diploma and official documents have to be presented to the Ministry of Education and to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country where the title was given and to the Spanish diplomatic representation or consulate in that country. The countries that signed the Convenio Andrés Bello together with Spain are: Bolívia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Panamé and Perú.

If your title is not from one of the previous countries, you will have to make them be recognized by your local authorities (Ministry of Education and Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and Spanish authorities (Spanish diplomatic representation or consulate and Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

Remember that all the documents must be accompanied by a corresponding official translation into Spanish. The official translation may be carried out by:

  •  A Sworn Translator duly authorized or registered in Spain.
  •  Any diplomatic or consular representation of Spain abroad.
  • The diplomatic or consular representation of the applicant’s country of origin in Spain, or, if appropriate, of the country in which the document was issued.