UCAM represents Spain in the ‘Study in Spain’ pavilion at APAIE

09 April 2019

A part of UCAM team at APAIE


The Catholic University of Murcia has been one of the occupiers of the four tables in the ‘Study in Spain’ pavilion at APAIE, the most biggest university networking event in Asia. The pavilion was coordinated by SEPIE (Spanish Service for the Internationalisation of the Education). The event was held at the Convention Center of Kuala Lumpur, by the Petronas Tower.

The delegation from UCAM was formed by José Luis Mendoza García, general director of Institutional Relations, Samuel Mendoza, general director of infrastructure and Information and Communications Technology, Paul Wei Ti Chan, head of Asia and MENA, and Marco Bruno, director of International Education Projects. The goal of the event was to encounter representatives from universities and other institutions, mainly asians, to exchange impressions over projects that are being developed, and the possibilities to find new ways to collaborate.