Bachelor's in Business Administration, Dentistry, Modern Languages, Physical Activity and Sport Sciences, Pharmacy and Tourism Management


23 July 2018

UCAM Dental


The Catholic University of Murcia already offers the Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, the Bachelor's Degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences and the Degree in Modern Languages and from the next academic year the University will add three new courses: the Bachelor's Degree in Dentistry, the Bachelor's Degree in Tourism Management and Bachelor's Degree in Pharmacy (Pharmacy).

UCAM will offer these degrees with the same quality criteria that the rest of the courses, counting with the evaluation of the ANECA agency; and offering its students personalized training and the best practical knowledge through modern facilities and laboratories. The University also offers to the students mobility programs, both national and international.

These new courses make the number of international students on the Campus grow even more, encouraging a truly international environment, very dynamic and creative.

The three new courses are:

Bachelor's in Dentistry

With advanced technologies and the professionals staff, the students of the Bachelor Degree in Dentistry will do their internships in this innovative Clinic. UCAM Dental has a clinical and surgical area with 52 boxes equipped with latest technologies, sterilization area and radiology area with the highest technology for three-dimensional images. It also has waiting rooms, recovery rooms, monitoring and control of practices for undergraduate and postgraduate classes, patient care offices, library and meeting room, administrative areas and services, etc.

Bachelor's in Tourism Management

The continuous contact with the most important organizations in the tourism environment and 20 year experience have led UCAM to create a Study Plan, designed to train the student professionally.The target of this degree is the student’s acquisition of suitable talent to provide the professional environment with creative actions to promote corporation realities, based in innovation and technology as competitiveness key component in the touristic sector. The UCAM has agreements with international companies of great prestige that allow the student to do internships anywhere in the world.

Bachelor's in Pharmacy

The UCAM Pharmacy Faculty has designed a Study Plan of great training quality. Subjects are set out to for you to become a reliable professional. This bachelor’s degree is a five-year course, as it leads to the official qualification required for professional practice.

One of the benefits of a degree in pharmacy is the great employment opportunities that it provides. The students at UCAM can work in in different areas like pharmacies, in the pharmaceutical industry, and in related areas such as pharmaceutical marketing, research, public or private health management, and teaching. The Degree in Pharmacy stands out for its practical character, the students are trained in small groups in the Campus, that has laboratories and a pharmacy classroom where real situations are simulated in the community pharmacy.

UCAM is also planning to add a new Degree in Translation and Interpreting,  a title with a wide range of job opportunities.