UCAM launches an exhibition on the restoration of the Los Jerónimos Monastery

  • Samples images of the historical building in ruins before taken on by the San Antonio University Foundation to complete the completed restoration with an investment of more than 17 millions of euros
  • The samples will be open to public during May and June in the Cloister of the Monastery, where a video on the restoration will also be displayed

08 May 2019

The opening of the display on behalf of José Luis Mendoza, attended by the members of the governing board, degree directors, professors, administrational and service personnel


José Luis Mendoza, president of the UCAM, has opened the photographic exhibition ‘Get to know the restoration process of the Monastery of Los Jerónimos’. The exhibition displays the work by the San Antonio University Foundation to restore and place value on this historical building, gravely deteriorated before, until the moment where it became the principal campus in Murcia of the Catholic University. The opening act was attended by governing board members, degree directors, professors, administrational and service personnel.

The restoring of heritage and the value placed on culture are some of the fundamental commitments for UCAM since the beginning of their activity, which was started with the restoration of the Murcia Campus, Monastery of Los Jerónimos. The monument was declared national historical heritage in 1981.

José Luis Mendoza explains, that when he acquired these installations, they were totally ruined. “We invested more than 17 millions of euros to rehabilitate the monastery, and we started the Catholic University”. The Los Jerónimos Monastery is considered one of the most beautiful in the world, according to different international journals, as the one realized by the Ucranian agent Study.UA.

“More than 70.000 students have graduated from the university, there are more than 3.400 people working here and more than 20.000 current students. Furthermore, UCAM works a lot on research, internationalization, technological innovation, and especially sports”, concluded the president of the university.

Josefina García Lozano, rector of the university, affirms that, “UCAM is a young project, only of 22 years, that despite setbacks it became a reality, as we can see today in this exhibition”.