The Catholic University organizes, between September and December, the “Agenda Ñ”, a series of activities for its foreign students, which include guided tours to the Salzillo Museum, the Estrella de Levante factory and the Luzón wine cellars as well as as a journey through the orchards, a photography contest and a cooking workshop

11 September 2015


The Catholic University organizes, from the beginning of September, the “Agenda Ñ”, an initiative offering activities for international students that will enable them to discover the gastronomy and the socio-cultural atmosphere of the Region of Murcia.

Thus, they can participate in various guided tours through touristic places, such as the Salzillo Museum or leading companies of the Region, such as the Estrella de Levante factory or the Luzón wine cellars. International students also have the opportunity to take part in a journey through the orchards of Murcia and a descent of the Segura River. Moreover, a photography contest will be organized with the internationals scholars and, as well as a cooking class.

During the last academic year, they were more than 120 students from other countries to took part in the activities programmed in the “Agenda Ñ”, all related to the sociocultural and gastronomic environment of the Region of Murcia.