The research paper by Professor Juan Carlos Izipsua from UCAM deals with premature ageing

15 July 2015

This research focuses on identifying new determinants of premature aging, a product of changes in heterochromatin, which occur due to errors in the WRN protein. Although this protein was known of previously, its role in the organization of heterochromatin has only recently been discovered. It is noteworthy that the WRN protein is mutated in patients with Werner syndrome, a genetic disease that is characterized by accelerated ageing.

The prestigious magazine 'Science' has published the research conducted by the Special Professor of Developmental Biology at UCAM, Juan Carlos Izpisua, together with an international team of researchers from the Salk Institute of California and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, focused on Ageing. Rupa Devi Soligalla, postdoctoral contract researcher at UCAM also particpated in this project.

The scholarly magazine "Science" is the second most important worldwide in their are of expertise of "Multidisciplinary Sciences" and has a high impact factor (number of times it is cited and read within this academic sphere).