UCAM MBA Experience

From Dominican Republic

Published on 4 July, 2014

 Santiago Sanchiz Telemin, Student of MBA

Me llamo Santiago Sanchiz Telemin, vengo de la República Dominicana. Going abroad to study for an academic year is maybe one of the most important decisions we can make in our student lives.

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 From Indonesia

Published on 20 January, 2014

Windy Puspito, Student of MBA

My name is Windy. I am currently one of the students of the MBA Program in Murcia. Here, I would like to share with you my experiences at UCAM. 

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 From Italy

Published on 1 February, 2014

Danilo Costante, Student of MBA

I’m attending the English taught Master of Business Administration at UCAM. Originally, I've come here to work in the sector of International Marketing, but when I had the opportunity to combine my job with the university's MBA program I jumped at the chance.

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 From Pakistan

Published on 17 March, 2014

Aasim Sheraz, Student of MBA

I think that studying in a country like Spain is a great learning experience for foreign students - one, that we simply could not attain in our respective home countries. There is no better way to learn about and understand another culture than to be surrounded by it.

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