Quality System of the Degree

The university through the AUDIT program ANECA obtained positive evaluation of the design of the System Internal Quality Assurance (SGIC) in July 2010 for all Official Courses taught both Degree and Masters.
The Commission on the Quality of the Master’s Degree (CCT) in High Performance Sport: Strength and Conditioning.
The Commission on the Quality of the Master’s Degree handles the Internal System Quality Assurance (SGIC) in accordance with the below objectives:
  1. Coordinate the process of drafting the Academic Handbook and review the information contained in it for publication.
  2. Check SGIC plans of the degree to ensure compliance with the general requirements of the Quality Manual, Policy and Quality Objectives and the appropriate requirements of the verification and accreditation guidelines.
  3. To monitor the implementation of the annual objectives of the degree.
  4. Have systems for collecting and analyzing information hat allows for the assessment of the maintenance of the program, and its upgrade or renewal.
  5. Control the execution of the deviations arising from the review and improvement of the SGIC.
  6. Identify areas for improvement, where possible
  7. Be informed by those responsible for the results of survey evaluations and identify areas of improvement that may arise from these results

Structure and composition

President: Pedro E. Alcaraz Ramon

Secretary: Dirección de Calidad calidad@ucam.edu


Faculty representatives: Linda Chung and Jacobo Rubio Arias

Student representatives:Tomás Freita


President of the CCT:

  1. Preside and direct meetings
  2. Establish the meeting agenda
  3. Appoint representatives from faculty, students, administration staff
  4. Promote and encourage active participation in the CCT
  5. Distribute tasks and assign persons responsible
  6. Submit issued reports to the CPA and ED

Secretary of the CCT:

  1. Meet with the President of the CCT
  2. Provide technical support for the CCT
  3. Read minutes from the meetings for approval

Members of the CCT

  1. Perform tasks that are designated to them by the President of the CCT (identifying improvements, evaluation, etc.)
  2. Actively participate in CCT meetings

Commission on the Quality of the Master's Degree

Fulfillment of management objectives with respect to the degree and the evaluation rates in the following items:
Number of students for academic year 2013/201411
Performance rate by subject and academic year:pending data
Drop-out ratepending data
Efficiency rate by subjet and groupspending data
Results of student's academic performance in each module (2013/2014)
Modules% passed
I. ResearchMethodologypending data
II. Scientific Principles of Strength and Cdonditioningpending data
III. Exercise Physiologypending data
IV. Biomechanics and Movement Analysispending data
V. Program Design as related to Strength and Conditioningpending data
VI. Sport Nutrition and Ergogenic Aidspending data
VII. Strength Training and Conditioning in the Elderlypending data
VIII. Applied Statistical Techniques in Strength and Conditioningpending data
IX. Practicumpending data
X. Master's Thesispending data
Information about assessment and improvements implemented in the Master's Degree.
The Commission on the Quality of the Master’s Degree (CCT) in High Performance Sport: Strength and Conditioning examines the Degree status with respect to the quality of its teaching and organizational issues and makes recommendations on the aspects that should be subject to review and improvement. This CCT carries out various measures to evaluate and improve the degree.
Academic year 2013/2014: pending data
An evaluation survey is presented to all current students with regards to the degree of satisfaction of the curriculum and professors. Results from completed surveys will be used by the CCT to make recommendations on varying aspects that can be further improved within the Master’s program.
Students: pending evaluation
Professors: pending evaluation
Standardized channels for Complaints and Suggestions.
All complaints and suggestions will be collected, processed, evaluated and archived, in accordance with PA 03 Gestión de Reclamaciones y Surgerencias del Título
  1. Fill-out the Complaint & Suggestion Registration Form
  2. Submit your completed form in one of the following ways:
    1. Via email to masterHPS@ucam.edu
    2. Via regular mail to the attention of:
      Director of the Research Center in High Performance Sport
      Centro Comerical La Noria Outlet Shopping, Local 13
      30830 La Ñora (Murcia)
    3. In person, in a sealed envelope, to the Master’s Coordinator
  3. Director will contact applicant to begin the review process.
  4. Director will contact applicant to communicate the final resolution.
If no resolution can be reached after exhausting all existing avenues, complaints and suggestions will be submitted to the University Ombudsman by members of the University community and or external agents.