• New techniques of treatment
  • Guaranteed work experience
  • Quality academic training
  • Learning in action


B Learning


1 year




15.000,00 EU

ECTS Credits






Mr. Gene Gesite Jr., exchange student from Philippines

“The very reason why I chose UCAM is because of it's competent roster of teachers at the faculty that my program has. They are not only academicians but they also practice their respective subjects that they are teaching in real life.”

Career Opportunities

After having successfully completed this MBA program, students are qualified to:

  • Set up their own business as an entrepreneur.
  • Take over their family’s business.
  • Work in national, regional or local public administration as well as international organizations.
  • Start/resume their careers in the private sector e.g. in the area of production, human resources, administration, finance and accounting or marketing.
  • Direct teams in emerging fields e.g. in digital economy, development of logistics, quality, management of SMEs, internationalization of companies, international management, tourism management, construction management, services and industry branches.
  • Research and educate.

Student Mobility

UCAM’s career services will be available to the MBA students, including the SOIL – i.e. the “Orientation and Work Placement Service” of UCAM, “Portal de Empleo” – the university’s employment portal – and the “Network of Recruiting Erasmus”, a service that promotes international students’ employment in top companies throughout Spain.

Student Profile

Master studies completed officer training in dentistry studies allowing the acquisition of an approach to the patient from a complementary perspective to studies of Dentistry, this training has application in the fields of activity of dentistry.

The implant is an alternative treatment for cases of partial and total edentulous which is currently required for troubleshooting edentulous highly predictable and appropriate aesthetics. Supplementation with the specialties of periodontics and tissue regeneration allows highly qualified clinicians according to the needs of the dental field today.


The students’ development depends on their cooperative attitude and open-minded personality. As part of an international, multicultural group, classmates will have to team up with each other and work together to overcome different tasks and case studies based on real company problems. Naturally, networks will grow in this MBA course and the bonds created can lead to new and exciting projects beyond the student's’ studies.

The campus’ top class infrastructure, its labs, and studios allied with the practical subjects will get students ready to put the acquired knowledge into action. Students have to complete an internship in a public or private institution where they will receive a taste of their future field of expertise.