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On Campus: 2 years, B-learning: 1 year
  • On-campus: 12750€/2 years*
  • B-learning: 15000€/1 year*
Faculty in Medicine
Student Profile 

Master studies and training in specified dentistry practices allows for a complementary perspective to traditional studies of Dentistry. This training provides practical application in the field and activity of dentistry. The implant is an alternative treatment for cases of partial and total edentulous, which is currently required for reconstructive edentulous aesthetics. Supplementation with the specialties of periodontics and tissue regeneration allows highly qualified clinicians to learn and practice according to the needs of the dental field today.


This Masters represents the birth of a new stage in the Catholic University of Murcia, with courses focused on Master Training in Oral Implantology Periodontology and Specialized Bone Regeneration. Education in new techniques of treatment in patients with bone and soft tissue deficiencies require quality, academic training.
The Specialist and Master courses are unique because following the teaching, treatment of patients and clinical activity, students of both courses will conduct a scientific and educational stay at the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Stony Brook, Long Island, in New York.
Other features of the Master include clinicals, online Master classes in English and Spanish, showcasing current clinical cases and an updated bibliography.
Students pursuing the one year Specialist Course are encouraged to continue the following year, with the Master of Oral Implantology.
Students of both courses also have the possibility of collaborating with the Research Chair in Dentistry funded projects and writing scientific articles or participating in clinical stays in foreign universities (Chieti, Pisa, Belgrade, Stony Brook, New York).