Career opportunities

The training given by the Master’s in Hospitality provides access to both the labor market’s private as well as public sectors.

There is a wide range of professional responsibilities and profiles that can be seized by graduates of this course. The skills obtained during this Master’s prepare students to occupy leading positions in companies and to draw up their own business plan as entrepreneurs.

At the end of the program graduates are qualified to become:


  • Hotel and Tourism Acommodation Director
  • Marketing Director
  • Commercial / Sales Director
  • Director of Purchasing
  • Quality Manager
  • Chief of Administration
  • Chief of Reception
  • Public Relations / PR
  • Reservations Manager
  • Benchmarking Manager
  • Director of Banquets, Events and Conventions
  • Director of Operations
  • Director of Human Resources
  • Community Manager
  • Freelance entrepeneur
  • Franchising Expert

Director of Food and Beverage Department