Student’s Profile

Belonging to the field of Law and Business, the Degree in Tourism covers a wide range of knowledge (skills, competences, abilities and aspirations of the future students). It is advisable that students who choose our degree have a sensitivity to the environmental, social, cultural and economically sustainable development, ability to social relations and interpersonal contacts, capacity to communicate, reason and understand, analytical and negotiation skills, flexibility and critical sense, ability to adapt to changes, new situations and cultures.

Tourism is also an activity of solidarity, which directly or indirectly benefits us both economically and culturally. It is an open meeting of cultures and, therefore, people who decide to study the Degree in Tourism should be kind, cooperative, creative, enterprising and dynamic.



“When I started to study the Degree in Tourism, I couldn’t imagine how intense my university life would be… In this first year I can say that my choice of studying at the UCAM was correct because of the individualized service offered by the professors when you need it most and the high number of activities we have organized.

If I had been told that I was going to take part in a seminar with my classmates and present it in front of more than 30 people, or that I was going to attend the lecture delivered by the Director of Members of the UNWTO (World Tourism Organization) to welcome the UCAM as a member, I probably wouldn’t have believed it.
I can’t forget the visit to FITUR (International Tourism Trade Fair), held in Madrid. These are memorable experiences and I’m sure that next year they will be better.”

Sonia Mateo Vivancos
Student of the 1st year in Tourism