Reasons to Choose

The Degree in Tourism at the UCAM has a syllabus that let you get the specialization in Business Management and Marketing or Advertising and Public Relations.

This specialization can lead you to obtain the Double Degree Diploma.

Degree in Tourism + Degree in Business Administration (BA). 1 academic year and 1 semester.
Degree in Tourism + Degree in Advertising and Public Relations. 1 academic year.


Career Opportunities

The studies in Tourism broaden your professional horizons. In today’s job market, a high number of professional profiles related to these studies can be found:

  • Field of accommodation
  • Commercial Manager
  • Public Relations
  • Tourist Coordinator
  • Field of catering
  • Director of banquets and conventions
  • Catering commercial
  • Field of intermediation
  • PCO (Professional Congress Organiser)
  • Product Manager
  • Quality Product Manager
  • Field of transport and logistics
  • Customer service technician
  • Business Manager
  • Relations Manager
  • Field of destination planning and management
  • Manager of tourism campaigns
  • Manager of promotion and marketing
  • Field of product and activities
  • Event management advisor
  • Business manager
  • Promotion and commercialization manager
  • Product manager
  • Field of teaching and research
  • Field of consultancy
  • Field of cooperation for development