Tourism Market Structure
Introduction to Communication Theory
Geography of Resources and Tourist Destinations
English in the Tourism Sector
Accounting Principles
Enterprise Organization and Management
Tourism Law and Legislation
Theology I
Consumer Behavior
Commercial Law
Fundamental Ethics
2º Language I (French/German)
Marketing Principles
Basic Economics
Planning and Management of Sustainable Tourist Areas
The Structure of the Media Industry
Artistic Principles of Communication
Theology II
Commercial Management and Marketing
Business English
Written Communication
2º Language I (French/German)
Applied Ethics and Bioethics
Interactive Tourism Advertising and Communication
Tourism and Co-operation in Local Development
Organization of Conferences, Events and Protocol
Applied Statistics for Tourism
Advertising and Public Relations
Cultural Heritage Management
Communication and Image Management
Market Techniques and Research
Managerial Leadership & Emotional Intelligence
Sales Management
Hotel and Restaurant Management
Quality and Tourism Innovation Management
Tourism Research and Consulting
Public Tourism Destination Management
Advertising Communication Strategy
Tourism Distribution Channels
Final Degree Project
Creativity in Communication
Tourism, Leisure and Recreation Management
International Marketing
Advertising Design Applied to Tourism
Journalistic Writing
Airport Management and Direction
Financial Analysis
Public Relations Strategy