Student’s Profile

Students who choose the Degree in Telecommunications Engineering should have some of the following skills:

  • High interest in new technologies.
  • Skills for Mathematics, Physics and Languages.
  • Spatial vision, practical and methodical sense.
  • Capacity for observation and attention.
  • Creativity.
  • Effort capacity.
  • Teamwork.



“As a student of the Degree in Telecommunications Engineering at the UCAM, I have had the opportunity to enjoy the many advantages offered by this University.

I would like to emphasize the most important aspect for me: the practical sessions, which facilitate the learning process, the study of theoretical concepts and teamwork. For this purpose, the University has facilities and laboratories equipped with all necessary devices and tools for an effective learning.

It is also important to mention the availability of professors, who offer an individualized service for each student in order to guide and help them with the most complicated subjects of the degree.

Finally, I would emphasize the role of personal tutors because I consider that we are lucky to have the opportunity to ask for advice at any time or to talk to them about any problem. ”

Enrique Martín Godoy
Student of the 3rd year in Telecommunications Engineering