Reasons to Choose

  • High demand for graduates
  • Small groups in class
  • Practical training
  • Quality infrastructure
  • Work placements in companies
  • International agreements
  • Many career opportunities and freelance activity
  • Possibility of a double degree diploma with Computer Engineering
  • Future technology job


Career Opportunities

Telecommunications Engineering is a degree with many career opportunities, since legally inherited the competences and qualifications of the former Technical Engineering in Telecommunications.

One of the main advantages of the Degree in Telecommunications Engineering is that graduate students can work as freelances: drafting of projects and technical studies, certificates, legal expert reports, consumption arbitration, etc. through their professional associations.

Some of the most common career options are:

  • Telecommunications companies (cable, mobile and satellite).
  • Television companies (public, private, national, regional and local).
  • Internet service providers.
  • Systems and telecommunications consultant in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
  • Radio and video frequency engineering.
  • Network planning and design (cable and radio).
  • Consultancy and acoustics companies: architectural acoustics and environmental acoustics.
  • Noise control in different areas.
  • Car and Transport Industry.