Career Opportunities

The general and specific competences in the White Book of Psychology 2005 form the basic profile of a student studying Psychology in this University. It is considered that this Bachelor’s Degree has a general character, in which the student has to acquire the scientific fundamentals of the area. A graduate from this University possesses the knowledge necessary to comprehend, analyze and explain human behaviour at a scientific level, including being able to evaluate and intervene in different environments. The final objective of psychology is to promote and to better the health and the quality of people’s lives. 

After finishing their studies, a Psychology graduate from UCAM knows and understands the functions, characteristics and limitations of the different theoretical models in Psychology; the basic laws of the different psychological processes; the stages of development during the cycle of life of humans, its processes and possible pathologies; biological fundamentals of conduct and psychological functions; psicosocial group functions; methods for psychological evaluation, diagnostic and intervention; the methods and design of investigation, as well as techniques to analyze and interpret data. 

Simultaneously, with the final objective that the graduate is capable of applicating principles of Psychology in different fields, after finalizing the Bachelor’s Degree the student has acquired necessary skills to identificate and analyze the necessities of the objects of study, taking in account the context of the study and the behavioural characteristics of the object.

By studying the different subjects that compose the degree, the graduate will have acquired the capacity to work in a team and to collaborate with other professionals, problem solution and decision making skills, with a commitment to development and permanent actualization of the skills and information related to the occupation/profession. 

With the Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology the student has the opportunity to access the Master’s Degree in General Sanitary Psychology, which permits working in the health sector. 

Career Opportunities

The following professions are examples related to the professional activity of psychology:

- Clinical Psychology: operating the evaluation, diagnostic and processing methods, followed by stages of normal and abnormal development, basic laws of psychological processes, and the theoretical models of psychology.

- Educational Psychology: Orientational and instructional consultation, intervention when academic problems occur, creation of educational programs, Psycho Pedagogical evaluation.

- Sports Psychology: Programs to enhance performance, intervention in exercise and health, orientation for sports organisations.