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Juliana Aparecida, exchange student from Brazil

"They have a very good structure for the international students. When I got here we got a really good reception, we got everything we needed"


  • Set up their own business (entrepreneurs).
  • Freelance: Auditing of Accounts. Tax consultant, financier, commercial, human resources, administrative assistant. Organizational consultant and information and management systems. Accounting advice. Advice and consultancy on other fields: town planning, environment and management of companies. Wealth management.
  • Private company: Production Department, Human Resources Department, Administration and Finance Department, Accounts and Marketing Department. Emerging fields: Digital Economy, development of logistics, quality, and management of SMEs. Internationalization of companies. International management. Tourism management. Management of construction, services and industrial companies.
  • National, regional or local public administration and International Organizations.
  • Teaching: teacher in secondary schools, high schools, vocational training centers or universities.
  • Research.
  • Family business

Student Mobility

The Bachelor Degree in Business Administration offers to the student the possibility to continue studying the program in one of our partner universities. The student can select his best choice into a large number of the partner universities in different regions around Europe, North America, South America and Asia.