Reasons to Choose

Through a learner-centered approach, which promotes participation and work in small groups, we offer a higher training that allows students to get the adequate knowledge to develop a professional career in educational contexts marked by cultural diversity and the influence of new technologies in education.

Internships are also important, especially an adequate preparation for professional life, helping young university students to face successfully their responsibility in their workplace and society, from the professional, ethical and moral point of view.

In short, we train professionals capable of planning and implementing the educational process in Early Childhood Education, taking into account the pupils’ peculiarities at this stage as well as the necessity of collaborating with other educators.


Career Opportunities

At the end of the Degree in Primary Education you are qualified to practice as a professional in different fields related to Education and Training:

  • The Degree in Primary Education qualifies you to practice a regulated profession as a teacher in Primary Education.
  • Graduates can work in both state schools and private schools.
  • Work in hospitals with teaching programs for children’s inpatients.
  • Work in parent coaching.
  • The Autonomous Community Programs, national and international projects, cooperation, innovation and educational research.
  • Design and preparation of teaching materials.
  • Collaboration in different culture-related entities such as museums (workshops and training experiences in collaboration with schools).
  • Lifelong learning.
  • Training for older people.
  • Training for immigrants and other social groups.
  • Social and cultural coordinator.
  • Train-the-trainer instructor.