Educational Theories and Institutions
Means, Materials and New Technologies Applied to Education
Development Psychology
Educational Research Methods, Design and Techniques
School Management and Organization
Educational Psychology
Family, School and Society
School Guidance and Tutorial Action
Developmental Disorders and Learning Difficulties
Religion, Culture and Values
Planning, Development and Evaluation of Learning
Psychomotor Development and Corporal Expression
Development of Communication and Language Skills
Logical-Mathematical Thinking in Primary Education
Teaching and Learning of Social Sciences
Teaching and Learning of Natural Sciences
The Language of Music
Linguistics, Morphosyntax and Semantics of Foreign Languages
Diversity and Intercultural Awareness
The Christian Message
Teaching and Learning the Spanish Language
Teaching and Learning Physical Education
Teaching and Learning Mathematics
Teaching and Learning Experimental Sciences
The Church, the Sacraments and Morals
Teaching and Learning Children’s Literature
Teaching and Learning of Foreign Languages (English)
Teaching and Learning Plastic and Visual Expression
Practicum I
Teaching and Learning Musical Expression
Teaching and Learning Technological Sciences and Sustainable Development
Practicum II
Practicum III
Final Degree Project
Educational Principles of Sport and Innovation in the Teaching of Physical Activity
Specialized English
Specific Educational Needs
Music Therapy
Religious Pedagogy and Didactics in the School