• Taught in spanish
  • Internships start in the first year
  • International Students mobility in Europe
  • Personalized attention


B Learning


4 years



Fees per Year

70.42 €/ECTS

4,225 € EU

4,500 € Non-EU

ECTS Credits

240 ECTS




Study abroad Bachelor in Physiotherapy - UCAM

Mª Eugenia Velasco, Primary Education Degree student

"Before enrolling in UCAM I visited the Campus and I liked it a lot, both from the academic point of view and the facilities".


In UCAM you will be able to study Primary Education with flexible training system, blended learning, which allows you to share academic and labour life in a simple way. You will also have highly qualified teachers, ready to help and support you, according to your needs, and small groups for a better training.

The university offers equipped facilities and modern material where you will perform your practices, adapted to your daily life needs. Hence, training in Primary Education Degree has great quality, making of you a competent professional.

Student Mobility

The University guarantees training linked closely to real labour market, by offering you inner and external practices in different educational centres. You will able to develop all what you have learned during your Degree.