Student’s Profile

From the Health Sciences point of view, students who choose the Degree in Occupational Therapy should have the following personal and academic characteristics:

  • Sensitivity towards the needs of the individual and community. Dedication to others.
  • Ability to face complex daily situations with patients and control of emotional stability.
  • Personal and professional responsibility, humanistic point of view and sense of human values.
  • Concern about continuing education and scientific events, and interest in new technologies.



“I started a bit confused, but son everything was right. We are a small group of students, so we have a very close relationship, like a family, because at the UCAM companionship is important. With regard to the professors, we have a very close and individualized attention, with tutorial support sessions (when things don’t go as you want). However, everything isn’t so easy, we have to work and study hard for every subject (politeness costs nothing).

We have both theoretical and practical lessons, but one of the most important factors for us is that most of our professors are occupational therapists, so they show us the real professional approach.

I hope to see you soon at UCAM.”

Ana María González Sánchez
Student of the 1st year in Occupational Therapy