Reasons to Choose

The Degree in Occupational Therapy is aware of the importance of theory based on experience and its methodology is focused on practical knowledge. The UCAM has rooms for the practical lessons of physiology and anatomy to make your studies easier.

You will find the Rehabilitation Unit of Occupational Therapy, where we have a large number of products intended to support students’ knowledge and practice, and technical, therapy and psychomotor materials, as well as assessment batteries.

We also have all we need to make splints and thermoplastic adjustments and other materials.


Career Opportunities

At the end of the Degree in Occupational Therapy, you are qualified to develop your work in the following fields:

  • Field of Health Education
  • Health field
  • Social and health field
  • Social field
  • Educational field
  • Advice field
  • Teaching field

These fields will be under constant review, depending on the needs of society and the existing social and health policy. Occupational therapy treatment is practiced in both private and public sectors.