Student’s Profile

Students who choose the Degree in Nursing should consider that their training is not only based on a theoretical part, but also on an important practical part in which students can experience how their real work will be, using their technical knowledge and their human relations and communication skills.

Therefore, in relation to the recommended entry profile, it is advisable that students who choose our degree have a vocation to help others and the necessary attitudes to provide care to the community and the individual. Social, professional, human and ethical sensitivity, ability to interpersonal relations, and manual and listening skills are also required.



“My personal experience as a student of the Degree in Nursing at the UCAM has been really rewarding at both educational and personal levels. From the educational point of view, I have met great education professionals who have managed to transfer their knowledge and concerns so that I can become a future professional. They have taught me that training in this profession never finishes, improving day by day as a nurse and as a person.

On a personal level, I have had the opportunity to meet a group of people who started as classmates, but after three years and the experiences lived together, they have become my friends.

In conclusion, my time as a student of the Degree in Nursing at the UCAM has been an unforgettable experience that has made me grow as a person.”

Francisco Manuel Hernández Noguera
Student of the 3rd year in Nursing