Studient´s Profile

At the UCAM, lawyers’ training is understood as an essential sign of public service that every institution should inspire. Our society is increasingly demanding legal professionals able to look for the ideal and the achievement of Justice and to legally protect the relevant interests of citizens. Law must adapt to a changing social and economic context, and for this reason, lawyers’ training must be based on all the necessary competences to carry out a professional and responsible task together with an ethical commitment:

Specific disciplinary knowledge.
Capacity for analysis and synthesis of legal texts.
Skills in legal argumentation.
Communication skills.
Command of ICT.
Motivation for Quality.
Sensitivity to issues of social, economic and environmental nature.

In short, students of the Degree in Law at the UCAM should seek not only a legal, scientific and professional training, but also an integral and committed education.



“My experience at the UCAM, as a student of the Degree in Law, has been very rewarding for me both academically and personally. I would like to emphasize, as main features of the UCAM, the individualized education and the closeness between professors and students. Since the first day professors have always given me all the help I have needed to improve in my studies, with a personalized attention.

Personally, my time as a student at the UCAM has meant an education in Christian values, which are very necessary nowadays. Without any doubt, I am very grateful to the UCAM.”

Gonzalo Javier del Olmo Vela
Student of the 4th year in Law