Reasons to Choose

Students of the Degree in Law receive an interdisciplinary training that qualifies them to develop their work in a professional world full of challenges and advantages, since students are provided with the necessary skills to practice Law, which is a key and basic tool to operate in our society. For this reason, at the UCAM, Legal Practice deeply marks the university training.

Thus, lawyers play an essential role in every reality and this University promotes their internationalist vocation, full of tradition and a promising future in order to collaborate with pacification and conflict resolution, and to defend and administer justice.


Career Opportunities

The Degree in Law qualifies you, with the only essential requirement of joining a professional association, for the practice of Law at the end of your studies. Positions of responsibility in legal departments of national and international companies (Department of Personnel, Human Resources, Legal Consultancy, Tax and Financial Consultancy, International Trade), in the industrial and commercial sector, banking, insurance, development cooperation, etc.

After sitting a competitive examination, graduates in Law can work as public prosecutors, Military Legal Corps, Attorneys, Judges, lawyers for different organizations of the public administration (Regional Assembly of Murcia, Spanish Autonomous Communities, Spanish Council of State, the bicameral parliament Cortes Generales, Court of Audit, etc.), Notaries, Land Registers, and Court Clerks.

With similar requirements, they can work as diplomats, European Union civil servants and other International Organizations, Tax Inspectors, Work Inspectors, Secretaries-Administrators, Public Administration (State, Autonomous and Local) employees.