History of Law
Roman Law
Business Fundamentals
Natural Law and Human Rights
Constituional Law I
Criminal Law I
Civil Law I
Canon Law
Fundamental Ethics
Theology I
Constitutional Law II
Criminal Law II
Administrative Law
Commercial Law
Procedural Law
Civil Law II
Criminal Law III
Theology II
State Ecclesiastical Law
Administrative Law II
Civil Law III
Constitutional Law III
Urban Planning Law
Public International Law
European Community Law
Administrative Law III
Procedural Law II
Commercial Law II
Labour Law and Industrial Relations
Social Doctrine of the Church
Procedural Law III
Financial and Taxation Law I
Commercial Law III
Labor and Social Security Law
Civil Law IV
Financial and Taxation Law II
Private International Law
Philosophy in Law
Applied Ethics and Bioethics
Financial and Taxation Law III
Final Degree Project
Law of Real Property and Registral
Information and Communication Law
Sports Law
Strategic Direction and Company Policy
Legal English
Speaking and Forensic Language
Financial System
International Trade
Computing and Legal documentation
Political Science Fundamentals
Management Accounting Fundamentals
Statistic Fundamentals
Law of Tort
Environmental Law
Direction of Human Resources