Reasons to Choose

Human employment and Labour Relations are elements of today’s society and they can only be studied from a multi-disciplinary approach that includes knowledge in Economics, Law, Business Administration and Management, Psychology and Sociology.

The existence of numerous career opportunities related to this field and to the content of the courses, allows graduates to be incorporated into the labour market. From a scientific interest point of view, the course and all its related elements, used to be and still are today one of the most developed research lines in various fields.

In the professional field, the offered degree includes various professional profiles, with a highly interdisciplinary focus:

  • The professional association for Legal Advisers connects you with the labour relations courses. The duties or related competencies are currently defined by the Order of August 28th 1.970 (B.O.E of October 24th – Official Bulletin of the State) where the professional association for Legal Advisers are approved by the Professional Association Regulations, according to the existing legislation set out by the 3rd final provision of the Royal Decree Law 3.549/1.977 of December 16th (B.O.E of February 3rd 1978, rectified on 25th), where the rules of the professional association for Legal Advisers are approved (modified by the Royal Decree Law 608/96 of April 12th).
  • The professional practising in a company, for the cases where a specific contract exists for the status of Legal Adviser, which according to the existing arrangements, is defined as “the technician who holds an official in the corresponding field and performs duties of organisation, control and consulting in order of admission, classification, instruction matching, staff remuneration; working hours and corresponding regimes, days off, safety, company stores and canteens, equipment, social security, recreation area and in general on the compliance with the social regulations which will help with the effectiveness of the tasks and activities that strengthen the working relationships of those participating in the company and help other activities destined to improve the lives of workers and of their families.”
  • The ongoing initiatives carried out by the Public Services, destined to develop employment active policies, as well as operators’ incorporation in the labour market, such as private recruitment agencies and temporary employment agencies, define a third professional profile as an emerging area.
  • The transition from classic Personnel Management to Human Resources Management, perceived as a strategic function essential to any organisation, has created large professional opportunities for those who will graduate with this degree.
  • The Labour Risk Prevention has also been identified as one of the career opportunities that the degree can give access to. The importance and relevance of the labour risks related to work in companies and organisations through direct mandates of UE acquis have led to the incorporation of the courses relating to labour risk prevention into the whole group of academic subjects, especially those ending with manufacturing processes as well as in company and institution organization.


Career Opportunities

Employment opportunities for the graduates in Labour Relations and Human Resources are, among others, the following:

  • Educational establishments for public primary school age, private schools and schools sponsored by a public voucher system. Teacher in professional training centre.
  • Infant, pre-school and primary educational centres.
  • Community centres
  • Educational management
  • Associations and foundations
  • Early care
  • Psycho-motor skills
  • Socio-educational programs
  • Free-time instructor and extracurricular education
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