Civil Law: Elements of Private Law
Introduction to Economics
Sociology of Labour Relations
Basic Principles of Financial Accounting
Labour Law I
Constitutional Framework of Comparative Labour Law
Work and Organizational Psychology
Civil Law II: general Theory of Employment Contract
Social Security Rights I
Theology I
Fundamental Ethics
Statistical Principles in Social Sciences
Principles of Business Economics
Labour Economics
Social Security Rights II
Punitive Labour Law
Theology II
Trade Union Law I
Industrial Relations Theory and Systems
Conflict, Negotiation and mediation
Public Labour Law: Labour Inspection
Trade Union Law II
Organisation of Public Labour Administration
Human Resources Managment
Social Action and Corporative Social Responsability
Occupational Riesks Prevention I
Social and Labour Policies
Social Doctrine of the Church
Social Community Laws
Leadership and Coaching
Financial Accounting and Accounting Statements Analysis
Applied Business Law
Managment Strategy and Enterprise Policy
Social and Labour Audits
Applied New Technologies for HR
Occupational Risks Prevention II
Labour Law Process I: Extrajudicial Settlements
Company Taxation
Labour Law Process II
Applied Ethics and Bioethics
Optional Subject
Final Degree Project