Student’s Profile

What are the necessary skills for the future students of Journalism?

  • Concern about knowing, understanding and communicating current events.
  • Intellectual curiosity and willingness to use new information and communication technologies.
  • Capacity to join and adapt to a professional team as well as ability to work in group responsibly.
  • High sense of responsibility and spirit of service.

If students have some of these skills and aren’t afraid of working, they will take advantage and enjoy the Degree.



“My dream. That is UCAM. A place to learn, to feel, to live. A place where you can achieve your future dreams. In my case, the media.

My life. That is UCAM. I’m from Águilas and, like any other stranger, I think this University is a place where I can start a new period of my life. A life of study, learning, fun and meeting wonderful people. Above all, a university life.

My people. That is UCAM. The first day I came to class with the typical first-time nerves. There, I saw a group of people who where introducing themselves to each other: “I’m from Alicante, I’m from Cehegín, I’m from Murcia…” Today they are my family and the University is the place where I shared and I will continue sharing many things with them.

My home. That is UCAM.”

Pedro M. Lozano
Student of the 2nd year in Journalisma

Student’s Profile | UCAM - Catholic University of Murcia


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