Reasons to Choose

To provide students with the basic knowledge and skills to develop their journalistic work.

To provide students with the necessary technical and expressive tools to practice journalism and the different languages of the media (printed media, television, radio, multimedia and online).

To provide students with an overview of the structure of the newspaper market and its new trends and professional profiles.

To teach students to use the different journalistic genres and formats.


Career Opportunities

When students leave our classrooms, they can practice as editors of current events, both in printed and audiovisual media (press, radio, television). But we also train people who decide to work on Institutional Communication (press and communications office), a world with a wide range of possibilities for communicators. And, of course, there are new career opportunities related to new technologies such as web content manager or community manager.

At the UCAM students are encouraged to develop their own projects and personal works. From the University, students are supported through the professors’ advice and the technical equipment borrowing.