Communication Sociology
Creativity in Communication
Emotional Intelligence and Communication Psychology
Theology I
Advertising and Public Relations
Audiovisual Communication Principles
Fundamental Ethics
Journalistic Writing
Communication and Graphic Art
Technology I: Printed Media
Oral Communication
The Structure of Political Institutions
Marketing Applied to Communication
Theology II
Reports and Interviews
Management and Presentation of Academic Papers
Audiovisual Narrative
Advertising Language
Applied Ethics and Bioethics
Technology II: Audiovisual Media
Audiovisual Production
Applied Ethics and Bioethics
Structure of the Media Industry
Professional Ethics and Media Legislation
Image Communication Management
Social Doctrine of the Church
Audiovisual Editing
Self-employment and Journalistic Projects
Social Doctrine of the Church
Technology III: Interactive Multimedia
Information on the Radio
Aesthetics and Fiction in Communication
Public Opinion
Information on Television
Political Communication and Electoral Processes
Civic Journalism
Multimedia Journalism Workshop
Specialized Journalism I: Science,
Economy and Sport
Specialized Journalism II: International Politics and Culture
 Final Degree Project
Analysis and Opinion Journalism
Journalism and Cinema
History of Spanish Democracy
Journalism and Literature