Student’s Profile

The person interested in obtaining the Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics should be interested in the study of topics related to the area of biomedical and food science.
In addition, students must have a positive attitude towards working with people, with a spirit of service and with a capacity for cooperation in multidisciplinary teams.
Having a critical and analytical attitude and creative skills in problem solving will help you, as well as an attitude based on perseverance, dedication and self-improvement.



“For me, studying at this University is an experience I will never forget for three reasons. Firstly, because of the degree I am studying, Human Nutrition and Dietetics. Knowing that I can help people improve their illnesses or quality of life with my knowledge is something unique.

Secondly, because of the excellent relationship with my classmates; we are like a small family. Finally, because of the professors, who every time you need something related to their subjects, they will help you with any doubt you may have.
Another thing I really like about studying this degree is the high number of practice lessons, from the laboratory lessons (for example, how to check your cholesterol level) to the training period in hospitals, where you learn a lot and you can put into practice what you studied in class.

I encourage you to study this degree. It has a great future ahead. You won’t regret.”

Cristina Palazón Sánchez
Alumno de 3º del Grado en Nutrición